i tried

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Me: watching news
Me: we need iron man
Me: wait no he will mess things up real bad before fixing anything


dramatically underappreciated cinematic bffs


A cut scene from The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes being nearly identical to Sidney Paget’s original illustration. Glorious.

I just came back from a confrence for women about sex and jewish stuff
and im exhausted

gir-will-enslave-us: What are your favourite current tv shows?

I just binged watched Freaks and Geeks, which is awesome and ya’ll need to watch it
it was canceled after only one season 

Edit: do you meant my fav show currently, or my fav current show? atm the only current show I am watching is Legend of Korra. 

K im going to sleep
Thank you for the questions, I’ll answer more tomorrow
I’m not sure if I published answers or answered privately cuz im on mobile and sleepy
Thanks guys

— Anonymous: followup qustion- what was your favorite class (and why?

I discovered that I do well with things that are hands on, or things that deliver a message.
So I enjoyed drawing class, cuz its the only studio we had.
There are some things I did for “thinking design(??)” that I am proud of.
I also liked intro to illustration, which was surprisingly difficult for me at first.
Im not so good when thing are more abstract or graphic. Like typography or “shape development”. I did some good work for those classes but it was when it involved craft or delivering a message.
So, as suspected when I applied, im more of an illustrator and artist, less of a designer, which is cool.

Edit: surprisingly, I also enjoyed photography 

— Anonymous: how is uni going?

its good, thank gd
I finished my first year a couple weeks ago, and still recovering
my school is real hard, but also real good. I dont know if you know, Im learning visual communications (art and design and stuff.)
I think I did pretty well in all my courses, some more than others, but that is good cuz now I have a clearer understanding of what I want to persue.
Grades are trickling in and so far im happy with them.
Thanks for asking!

Wow people actually sent me asks :’)

shoulddazzle: yo whats your favorite plant? :)

I like the ones that eat bugs
also really big trees

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if anyone feels like sending me some nice asks that would be lovely
I had a bit of a hard day anxiety wise